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The Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Joggers sport a camo look with a tapered cut for an unparalleled fit. Brushed fleece on the back is warm and comfortable and ribbed cuffs at the ankles let you show off your sneakers when you\’re on the move.

Athletic Look
A joggers silhouette slightly tapers to ribbed cuffs for an athletic look.
Soft Comfort
Brushed-back fabric is soft and warm for all-day comfort.
Secure Fit
Elastic waistband with drawcord provides a secure fit.

More Details

  • Standard fit
  • Snap closure on back pocket
  • Fabric: Body: 80% cotton/20% polyester. Side pocket knuckle side/back pocket: 100% cotton.
  • Machine wash
  • Imported


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wholesale nfl jerseys Most Americans get medicine like insulin through insurance programs provided by their employers, but many working class people who don get such packages obtain medicine through Medicaid. However, there is an income gap where some people are too poor to afford private insurance or get it from an employer, and not poor enough for Medicaid, so they essentially shit out of luck. That segment of the population is the core of the American healthcare crisis wholesale nfl jerseys.

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