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Be a part of the game with the Nike Merlin Rabisco Copa America Ball 2019 Soccer Ball — the same one they use on the field. The commemorative design is inspired by Brasilian streetball and urban art, and the 5 stars represent the fifth time Brasil has hosted the tournament.


  • 4-panel construction reduces seams and enlarges the striking surface.
  • 3-D ink patterns apply variations in texture for targeted control.
  • Nike Aerow Trac grooves allow consistency in ball spin.
  • Foam casing has a cloth backer.
  • Latex bladder maintains pressure and shape more consistently than rubber bladders.

Product Details

  • Materials: 37% synthetic leather/33% rubber/20% polyester/10% cotton
  • Imported
  • Shown: White/Black/Blue/White
  • Style: SC3907-100
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wholesale jerseys In 2015 he had 1400 yards and 14 TD\’s which is top WR numbers. But in 2016 he only had 883 yards and 6 touchdowns. Of course with the exception of Blake Bortles he would have had a better year. In 1994 the US and other countries agreed to protect Ukraine territorial sovereignty so that Ukraine would give up its nuclear arsenal. Ukraine gave up the nukes and twenty years later they were invaded by Russia. Obama in my opinion didn do much to acknowledge this agreement in response to the invasion unfortunately, but now Trump is actively working against the promise that the US made wholesale jerseys.

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